Manage your contract rates, access live spot rates and connect them with the systems you use to run your business.

Live schedule search

A single place to find shipping line schedules and service information is a critical time saver for the logistics professional. A quick search enables you to quickly match your customers shipping needs.

Simple spot rate requesting

Use Mizzen to generate a spot rate request when you do not have a contract rate for a particular port pair or equipment type on file. The Mizzen live price function enables you to respond to your customer quote enquiries quickly.

Contract rate management

Avoid hours of manual data input and the associated costs with improved accuracy and visibility. All your previous and current contract rates and spot rate requests saved in one place - removing the need for you to maintain cumbersome spreadsheets or custom email inboxes.

Book your way

Either use the Mizzen booking capabilities or build the booking process into your business workflow, you decide.

Integrate your rates

Your rates are key to your business, so we let you easily move them into the business system you want them in via our APIs. No need to re-key or process manually offshore.

Data & insights

Based on your data we can offer Mizzen market insights.

System integration

Mizzen has the capabilities to talk to your systems.

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