Ex Amazon and Atlassian executive, Glenn Butcher, joins the Mizzen Group Board of Directors

Sydney, Australia, 8 February 2018 – Mizzen Group, a company focused on the development of Mizzenit.com, a global marketplace for freight forwarders to procure rates and book containerised spot market space directly with shipping lines, is pleased to announce the appointment of experienced technology executive, Glenn Butcher, to its Board of Directors.

Mr Butcher is a very successful technology company builder with previous experience in senior management roles at Amazon, Atlassian, and technology start-ups. Glenn has 25 years of across the board experience in technology, in diverse industries from world-class medical research to internet service providers, with a deep understanding of building customer-centric organisations and a focus on delivering outstanding service. As leader of Atlassian’s SaaS engineering, Glenn grew Atlassian's online product from 1,500 to 10,000 customers and led $100m projects at Amazon in the field of data analytics, simulation, and optimisation.

Mr Butcher said that it’s very exciting to be joining a technology start-up that is focused on an industry that is ready for significant technology advancement. “The shipping industry is a global market opportunity that is starting to engage with innovative digital companies. The Mizzen team’s unique mix of experienced shipping line trade managers, forwarders, and digital leaders have already delivered the Mizzenit.com marketplace. That team is now starting to work on the next generation of shipping line pricing and distribution applications that draw from the team’s and my experience of building comparable digital marketplaces, the kind of technologies that power the profits of Amazon, Google, and Facebook.”

“I’m thrilled to be able to bring my experience and skills from Amazon, Atlassian and other startup companies in the areas of high-throughput digital trading platforms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud infrastructure and running successful SaaS operations teams. I see this as a big opportunity to drive new products to build better outcomes for shipping lines and forwarders.”

Chairman and co-founder of the Mizzen Group, Dr Alan Taylor, said "We are very excited to have Glenn join our Board and also becoming a significant shareholder following his investment in our recently completed capital raising. His extensive skills and experience are directly compatible and complementary with the Mizzen Group products and team. We are well placed to deliver on our ambitions to facilitate the growth of the emerging digital sales channel for our partner shipping lines and forwarders so they can both reap the benefits of transacting online.”

About Mizzen

Mizzenit.com is a global business-to-business digital marketplace for the container shipping industry. The platform allows freight forwarders to find shipping schedules, get live pricing and quotes, and book spot market space direct from shipping lines. For shipping companies, the platform streamlines the sales process, gives data-driven customer insight and provides new sales channels.

Dr Alan Taylor
Chairman and co-founder
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