Mizzen first to launch live container pricing

Sydney, Australia, August 29 2017 - Mizzenit.com, a global marketplace for freight forwarders to book containerised spot market space, is pleased to announce that it has successfully launched live pricing with some of the largest shipping lines in the world.

Mizzenit.com now provides instant spot rates for over 15,300 port pairs (import, export & cross trade) for the following trades:

The world-first launch of instant rates includes some of the largest global shipping lines, which represent more than 25% of total global container shipping capacity.

Live pricing complements a responsive export and import rate request and booking function available through mizzenit.com. In total, participating lines represent approximately 55% of global container shipping capacity.

Dr Alan Taylor, Chairman of Mizzen Group, stated “We are very excited to be working with the global shipping industry to bring more efficiencies to the rate procuring and booking process. We will be adding new lines over the coming weeks to increase live pricing capacity, as well as new trade lanes and more product opportunities so freight forwarders can spend more time winning new customers, and less time chasing prices and space.”

About Mizzen

Mizzenit.com is a global business-to-business digital marketplace for the container shipping industry. The platform allows freight forwarders to find shipping schedules, get live pricing and quotes, and book spot market space direct from shipping lines. For shipping companies, the platform streamlines the sales process, gives data-driven customer insight and provides new sales channels.

Dr Alan Taylor
Chairman and co-founder
Ph: +61 (0)413 871 165
E: ataylor@mizzenit.com